With a background in community work and a degree in urban planning, I fully expected to go into nonprofit management. While working with Seattle-area urban farms and community groups, I discovered that leveraging technical skills is an incredible way to scale community efforts, and started building websites. I spent a few years working with various nonprofits as a program manager before transitioning into design and development work in San Francisco.

As a designer at Thoughtbot, I worked with startups to build out their MVP web and native apps. In addition to UX and front-end development work, I led design sprints, facilitated project timelines, and conducted usability studies. I most recently worked on driver UX at Lyft, where I led driver earnings and incentive design work from 2015 to 2017.

I specialize in holistic design, user-centered problem solving, and project management strategies for designers. I care deeply about building effective, inclusive teams, and am interested in applying this to strategic decision making and team development.

I currently live in Berkeley, CA. I like writing about design and startup environments, spend a lot of time on side projects, and occasionally volunteer with the Inneract Project.