10 Illustrated Dribbble Accounts To Follow

May 14, 2015

san francisco

I've been reading some articles about Dribbble's impact on the design community. Some call it the "Dribbblification" of design; designers who post finished illustrations and slick animations tend to get the most response on Dribbble, leading young designers to think that design is fundamentally tied to beautiful illustrations. This leaves out a large discussion about process, user-centered design, product design, and product thinking, which are all integral parts of designing products that people use.

That being said, Dribbble is a fantastic repository of inspiration, especially when it comes to illustrations. I'm constantly inspired by the amazing work of designers on Dribbble, all of whom deserve recognition. I've put together a round-up of some of the accounts I've been following recently.

10 Dribbble Accounts with Great Illustrations

  1. Marko Stupic

Marko has a really impressive Icon-a-Day project, whereby he… posts one icon every day. His work is always breathtaking. Also make sure to check out his website!

  1. Dropbox

The design team at Dropbox is constantly posting all kinds of fantstic illustrations and animations. It's hard to know which Dropbox designers to mention individually, but I've been following Dan Eden, Ed Chao, Ryan Putnam, Zach Graham, Alice Lee, Brandon Land, Tymn Armstrong, Jeremiah Shaw, Claire Pedersen, Josh Puckett, and Linda Eliasen for some time.

Clearly, I'm having a hard time narrowing down that list.

  1. Five Agency

Five Agency has been posting some great animated illustrations, many taken from Marko Supic's Icon-a-Day project.

  1. Focus Lab

I'm constantly inspired by Focus Lab's work, and their illustration and animation work is fantastic.

  1. Kyle Anthony Miller

The work coming from Teespring's recent design hire Kyle Anthony Miller is incredible. He has a great touch with color and illustration, and is creating a really cohesive brand for the company.

  1. Nick Slater

Nick posts beautiful illustrations, but his landscapes are especially stunning.

  1. Treehouse

Treehouse is another especially impressive company account (and their website design really features the work!). Some of their individual designers who post a lot of illustration work include Mat Helme, Matt Spiel, and Chris Michel.

  1. Motion Authors

Motion authors specialize in animations, so it's no surprise that they have some of the most clever and well-done animations out there.

  1. Allison House

Allison, apart from having built-in branding with that last name and the coolest 404 page I've ever seen, does really interesting work with animating in 3D.

  1. Meg Robichaud

Meg has consistently interesting illustrations, and her website shows off her talents even more than her Dribbble account.