Middleman Case Study

May 22, 2015

san francisco

I've started putting project case studies up on the site, and I just finished writing one for the re-design of the Middleman website.

Middleman is a static site generator using all the shortcuts and tools in modern web development. It's built on Ruby, and can be used to get static sites up and running quickly and painlessly.

Like any good web framework, Middleman has a documentation site that aims to help people understand the tool, use the tool easily, troubleshoot problems, and contribute changes to open-source features. The existing documentation site needed a brand-overhaul, as well as some attention to the overall organization of documentation, messaging, and user experience.

In the case study, I focus on the problem and the process for solving it. I talk about user research and card sorting, illustrations and UX, and implementation.

Visit the case study now