Design Sprint Case Study: iOS Coaching

Mar 1, 2015


At thoughtbot, we use design sprints when trying out scope and brainstorm direction for new ideas and products. The concept is adapted from Google Ventures, and is a 5-day structure that helps answer business questions through design activities, prototyping, and user testing. All of thoughtbot's design sprint structure is available on Github.

While I've mostly used sprints to scope and brainstorm directions for products, the structure of a sprint can be used for all kinds of problems. Recently, I worked with a small group of designers at thoughtbot to create a coaching program, and we used a sprint to validate the initial idea and scope out the best way to get the program up and running.

I detailed our process of completing the sprint, including how we used user interviews, activities like crazy eights, and more on the thoughtbot blog recently.

To read more, visit the post here.