Friendship Matching Game

A happy little side project for a friend


It's not every day you run across a genuine, deep friendship. I've been lucky enough to have a best friend for the past 22 years; we grew up across the street from each other, and her family continues to feel like an addition to my own family.

I wanted to find a way to celebrate all our years together. My mom was always very trigger-happy with the camera, which means we have tons of amazing photos documenting many years together. I decided to pick some of my favorites to illustrate and turn into a matching game.

The game is easy enough. The player gets a set of 20 minicards, each with a different illustration. The goal is to find the matching pairs, with or without a timer. Once the player has mastered this, level two is a multi-player version based on old-school memory games (anyone remember these?).

I made sure to include a nice spread of ages across the years to capture us at different stages.

In this game, the really fun part is getting to check your answers. The answer deck includes the original photos the illustrations are based on, as well as the matching illustrations on the flip side.

Big shoutout to Moo for their awesome service and beautiful products.